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Named for the axon, the primary point of transmission within the nervous system and the means of communication between neurons, Axon: Creative Explorations is a free online journal that publishes writing and images that express or are about creativity and the creative process.

Issue 6: Poetry

Writing, Thinking, Making

Axon: Creative Explorations, Vol 4, No 1, July 2014

This issue of Axon explores many aspects and facets of poetry—how poetry constitutes knowledge; how it is made; how poets think about their work; and how poetry may be understood as research. There are reflections on poetry as voice; the efficacy of learning by rote; ways of conceiving a prose poetry sequence; the relationship of song lyrics to poetry and memory; poetry and the digital revolution; poetry and time; poetry and philosophy; poetry and grief; visual poetry; René Daumal, para-surrealism and pataphysics; the relationship between creativity and poetry; poetry and heteronyms; poetry and place; the intersection of poetry and biography; and notes towards a poetics. There are interviews with Katharine Coles, Liz Lochhead and Nigel McLoughlin. Individual poems are by Tracy Ryan, Marcella Polain, Peter Rose, Maria Takolander, Will Eaves, Bronwyn Evans, Corey Wakeling, Russell Erwin, Kevin Gillam, Melinda Smith and Joyce Parkes.

Consultant Editor for this issue: Dr Lucy Dougan

Poetry and Knowing

The poetry of knowing and not knowing
Essay by David McCooey
A consideration of 'learning by heart' and its contribution to thought and change
Essay by Antonia Pont
Maria Takolander
Poetry by Maria Takolander
Theorising emotion and inarticulacy
Essay by Maria Takolander
And an ‘echo to the sense’
Essay by Andrew Melrose
Joyce Parkes
Poetry by Joyce Parkes
Russell Erwin
Poetry by Russell Erwin
Philip Salom’s Keepers Trilogy
Essay by David Musgrave

The Value of Making

Poetry and Philosophy
Essay by Brook Emery
Interview by Paul Hetherington with Katharine Coles
Traditional Form and Narrative in Australian Poetry since the Digital Revolution
Essay by Tegan Jane Schetrumpf
Bronwyn Evans
Poetry by Bronwyn Evans

Poets on their Work

Three ways of conceiving of a work in progress with selected pieces from Evi and the devil
Essay by Philip Gross
Interview by Paul Hetherington with Nigel McLoughlin
A personal fantasia
Essay by Alex Skovron
Marcella Polain
Poetry by Marcella Polain
How the Mask Reveals
Essay by Philip Salom
On making and knowing poetry
Interview by Jen Webb with Liz Lochhead

Poetry and Thinking

Essay and Poems
Essay by Kerry Hardie
Peter Rose
Poetry by Peter Rose
Documentary Poetry and Historical Recovery
Essay by Jessica L. Wilkinson
Understanding René Daumal in the context of Gurdjieffian philosophy
Essay by Judith Crispin
The role of place in writing for two Australian poets
Essay by Lynda Hawryluk and Leni Shilton
Kevin Gillam
Poetry by Kevin Gillam
Corey Wakeling
Poetry by Corey Wakeling