• Michael Sciarretta



Looking at her Paintings


Looking at several of her paintings we had hung together

I comment that I thought her theme was loneliness.


I have one painting here on the wall before my desk:

moored sailboat, its sail gathered at the boom.


I’ve taken to walking on the service road through the wetland.

One of her paintings shows the wetland at dusk.


I am in the habit of walking out into the rushes of my grief.

The geese come down to spend the night in the cold water.





         for Violet


They are clematis, rose, before the pen-tip

casts a curve of line, before a wash of ink

bathes it with yearning and it changes.

She planted roses and clematis together

saying how one would fill in as the other

died away and always the trellis would be

covered with strung blossoms

and we would not forget nor be without.

Yet we know that yearning is without.

The wash of blossoms only lets us be

while beneath it all a vibrancy will stay

in the fingertips, the stem, the nib,

beginning near the end before without.