Axon: Creative Explorations, Vol 2, No 1, September 2012

Knowledge happens in the body in many interesting ways. This issue of Axon explores various understandings and expressions of embodiment, including ways of being, ways of living and ways of creating. How the body exists in the world matters to everyone; how we make creative works is affected by our physicality. Natalie Lazaroo writes about the Zen Zen Zo theatre company and considers the concept of an extraordinary body. Maggi Phillips links skipping and epistemology. Antonia Pont reconsiders the significance of gravity, and Russya Connor also thinks about gravity—from the perspective of immersion. Kylie Stevenson links embodiment to her researcher identity. Agnes Lam and Kelly Tse consider the creative identities of ten Asian poets and Peter Cooley explores how poetic form expresses the unconscious. There is an illustrated interview between glass artist David Traub and Jen Webb, and an interview between poet Jennifer Harrison and Paul Hetherington. Katharine Coles contributes six Antarctic poems and an essay about her work. Máighréad Medbh's book-length and poetic Savage Solitude is introduced and excerpted. Judith Beveridge introduces six of her poems from her work-in-progress in the voice of Devadatta. Jordan Williams writes a short essay around a multimedia poem. Greer Versteeg provides a photographic portfolio that explores and refracts the body as image. Further poems are from Stephen Edgar, Nandi Chinna, Andrew Lansdown, Alan Gould, Kevin Brophy, Rob Riel, Agnes Lam, Elizabeth Smither and Michael Sciarretta.

Consultant Editor for this issue: Dr John Ryan