Axon: Creative Explorations, Capsule 1 (Special Issue), August 2016

Poetry on the Move was initiated in 2015 as a three-year poetry project hosted by the International Poetry Studies Institute (IPSI) based within the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research (CCCR), Faculty of Arts and Design, University of Canberra (UC). 

The project is centred on an annual festival and explores poetry’s ability to move from—and interrogate—its conventions, including its place on the printed page. In 2015, the eleven-day series of events in September was preceded by a symposium in May, ‘From Darkness into Light’. This first special issue of Axon, Capsule 1, includes all the papers delivered at the symposium and many of the contributions to the subsequent festival. The explorations range from interpreting poetry’s oldest manifestation as an oral art to its latest interactions with computer technology. The Capsule represents the variety of Poetry on the Move 2015 and is published to coincide with the festival in this its second year.

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Editor of this Axon Capsule: Paul Munden