• Nicci Haynes

During October and November 2017 Nicci Haynes installed ‘Radio CCAS’ at Canberra Contemporary Art Space. The construction comprised bundles of wire, copper coils and simple electronics forming crude radio receivers for capturing the radio signals that are invisibly everywhere around us all the time and rendering them perceptible to humans.

The video ‘Inside a radio’ recounts thoughts and mental images originating from the installation project and suggests an analogy between radio and our sense organs: you are always an antenna. Consisting of grabs of radio broadcast and other forms of word and sound translations it offers a reflection on our facility to process and transmit information and the misreadings and confusions inherent in signal translation. 


Keywords: radio — installation — video — animation — stop-motion — translation

Inside a radio from Nicci Haynes on Vimeo.

Below: still frames from the video