Drager Meurtant is the artist alias of Gerard Rutteman (The Netherlands) who - after graduating as DVM and obtaining his PhD degree in veterinary sciences – has worked for 37 years in veterinary oncology as clinician and researcher. In this period he has published over 120 publications in peer-reviewed biomedical scientific journals, as well as several journalistic essays for the general public. He undertook a few exercises in the making of assemblages over these years, and seven years ago started a serious investment in time and energy in photography and in the mediums of assemblage, collage and graphics. Images of these artforms on websites are mostly accompanied by short poetic, often ironic, texts.



The entrails explained

We live in a composite world and the many facets of meeting elements in conjunction outside a museum or gallery influences our perception of art, in particular when we are confronted by an assemblage. This essay will examine the dynamics and effects that occur when assembling objects to become parts of a new piece of art. And it will try to decipher some of the emotions that may be triggered by elementary features of assemblage.