Looking at the animosity that's on Earth and the criminality and the darkness and the wars, we are not really nice people. We are not a benevolent species in any way. We are killers. Because we are that way, you have to assume that life in the universe is that way. – Paul Verhoeven                                                                                                                                                                                                     



sweet flinders jeezus           this

is just effing cherry


                                                                       cicadas from venus


juice leisurely vacuuming

my band-aid                    a


                                                                        bug hunt afloat in frantic parkour


haptic governance of razor

contested physics of tampa


                                                                        so don't dilly-dally with snapshots


florid how my steristrips
of law ve gone bauxite


                                                                        or albums          all s lost


black       a



                                                                        they re bopping in on the crest


of scab             say

some allium done


                                                                        solar radiation s joust


paid to my thumb

denominator of look


                                                                        the way they ve cleaved


under the wink  

of aquamarine


                                                                        together that grasshopper scene


a sedan chair of zinfandel
begets to a stabwound


                                                                        for Days of Heaven



incursions are the uncastrated

britney spaniels

                                                                        using peanuts in heat



of pain         hang on

wait          one alluvial moment


                                                                        shells tossed pail after pail


are we rolling



                                                                        minute three-or-four-person canoes


begins Nashville
qua jovian


                                                                        in cataract duet


that ferrous eye

a dobro s cold nickel


                                                                        the downward thrust


stonefruit the xylophone

c notes of bleed                            

                                                                        a chopper s rotor


my christmas cuticle

runnels icily and


                                                                        at 70mm a frame


square unemployed mensch

kneed calisthenics of haunch


                                                                         a playback s obverse


drain my insides

to out


                                                                        a tryst of grapefruit in betadine


annexing skin and crop

rotation s begun


                                                                         what in the name of birdsville
                                                                         do they want?