for instance    ducks in a row    it is a

necessary thing all things considered

especially when the night turns white    you can't


hurry up a white night's blessing at three

twenty-seven in the morning    life is

expensive as tick & tock kerching! through


the hedge & something is always ticking 

louder than time    how bad is the day    is

the world a bad fit    do these words hit your


head with a bang?    the world is fitting it

froths at the mouth    but order itself costs

zip you know    ducks in a row    for instance    






you speak in scare quotes    unsettle the air

with your "sad" & "dilemma"    like running

underwater & pretending life's a

dream    like nobody likes you    like when you

wake up & everything's huger & less

weak than you    you keep your feelings in an

epsilon-net    flip like a fish when you

know you've been poked    reach out pull back count up

to ten    disappear in a poof! of smoke

again    you wish you were solider    then


          skip! skip!    the quadrangle is painted with

          circles & worlds    she wants to be happy

          she wants to be people    she needs all her

          little emergencies now if P then

          Q    & if R then S    either P or

          R    so either Q or S    goes the bell






the extremities of a surface are

lines    a horizon's task is to always

retreat    walk the pier    its planks fit your feet


like shoes    walk the pier    let the water top

& tail itself & the pelicans hang

in the sky    this is a day to test all


things    this day is divided    a light busts

through a corner of cloud & you are caught

it is time    pack up your aliquant heart   


pick up pen & return to lover &

home    poems beckon in states like this    the

extremities of a surface are lines   






not everything concludes    sometimes the sun

at the end of day remains somehow in

brain    you wonder then what is cloud    & how

the points which needled so    extend instead


to love    love points to need & laughs    love is

that which has no part but circles above

your rational heart in continuous

deformation    let yourself into sky


let yourself climb the immeasurable

spaces    look you are a starling    one of

millions in huge murmurations moving

in time to joy    you are a bird    you are


air    your joyousness lifts you up & a-

way from world    & you pause in this moment

of relative momentum    this moment

of force    & the drag falls behind like a


dissipation trail & dark doesn't fall

at all    a switch has been tripped    someone has

turned on a perfect light    someone has found

a door leading out of a night    the way


out of night is lit like this & many

doors open & not many close & love

no longer eludes you    reductio

ad absurdum    not everything concludes